Today's M5.4 earthquake happened during a meeting with about 30 others. I've never had one under this kind of circumstance. Californians were relatively calm and were assessing magnitude with all 5 +1 senses, while midwest-, southern- & eastern folks dashed under a big meeting table : ) We were about 40 miles away from the epicenter, so the actual shaking was moderate to my standard, I thought. Yet, the building management ordered every one inside to evacuate the building@@! Do they know something we don't.....?


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ゴールデントラウト豆知識/CGT Trivia




Sorry, guys. Please see above link about CGT for the time being. I've run out of time today m(_ _)m

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シエラの氷河/After Thoughts

幅広で緩やかなカーブのU字谷は氷河地形/Wide&gently curved U-shaped valleys are signs of glaciation.


An addition to “Easy-Camping in Big Pine” under [Outdoor]
There are about 14 named glaciers in middle to south ranges of the Sierra Nevada, regions known for high altitude. They are usually located on the north/north-east slopes and are flowing from cirques situated right below peaks higher than 13,000ft. The Palisade Glaciers, the largest of all, are, however, only 0.8 miles long and 0.5 miles wide. It’s very small as compared to mountain glaciers of Euro-Alps, Alaska, Himalaya and Patagonia. These sierra-glaciers are also shrinking like Arctic ice-fields and Antarctic glaciers. Some 80% shrinkage in volume in a drastic case has been observed in the past 130 years of the recorded period. Few had completely disappeared in the past 50 years, like the Mt. Whitney Glacier.

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ビッグ・パインでへたれキャンプ/Easy-Camping in Big Pine

Big Pine_Mapビックパインの位置と周辺/Location of Big Pine and Surroundings




This is from this past March. I had been longing to see snow-covered Sierra. So, I (and 2 friends) decided to camp near Big Pine (BP) by the eastern Sierra. We left LA at 22:30. We got lost near BP looking for our campsite, ended up driving rough-unpaved road chasing a hare (well, it's her fault 'cause she ran on the road instead of jumping into bushes : P). We, however, finally made to our destination at 4:00 in the morning. We rushed to set up our tents in the dark; dark it was that I could not even guess, other than hearing a small stream running 20 ft from my tent, what the site and its surrounding scenery would look like in daylight.
With my sleepy eyes, I unzipped the fly on my tent when I woke up. And I saw......

Mt. Tinemaha_s
マウント・ティネマハ(3,770m)/Mt. Tinemaha(12,369ft)
Birch M-sバーチ・マウンテン(4,134m)/Birch Mountain(13,563ft)


My God! Snow-dressed Mt. Tinemaha jumped into my sight@@. What about further right...
Wow! Birch Mountain@@! Impressed... All visible peaks and ranges were dressed up with late winter snow (sniff, sniff, it's very cold, you know, 36F. No, not crying). And, we were the only campers in the site (who camps in this season, ha?).

Big Pine Creek_ss
Glacier Lodge_sグレイシャ・ロッジからBP・クリークの源流、ノーマン・クライド氷河を見る/A view of Norman Clyde Glacier, an origin of BP Creek

最終氷河期に出来たモレーンに沿った山道を駆け上がると、ラッキー! たった今仕事を終えた除雪車とすれ違う。GLの少し先まで行けるじゃん^^ 密かに願ってたノーマン・クライド氷河(下の画像の一番奥)が見れたよ!!

Waited 'til the air got warmer, and then we decided to check the town of BP. We were told at a gas station that the road to the Glacier Lodge (GL) was cleared. So, all naturally agreed to drive up as far as we could. On our way, a snow-shovel vehicle came down on the road which was built on the moraine from the last ice age, and it was our lucky sign! We were able to drive a bit beyond the GL. Bcause of this, I'd got to see the Norman Clyde Glacier (center of the picture), which I secretly wished to see on this trip!!
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あれ、クラウン?/Ha、a Crown?

No way! It's a Toyota Crown....., '66 or'67. The driver's seat is even on its left side.

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グラニオンの保護/Protecting Grunions


An addition to "Grunion" under [Nature Nearby]
Grunions' habitat extends from southern California to Baja in Mexico, They only land & spawn in the night of the day of the spring tied between late March to early July. In fact, tonight is the last run of this season. They must already be near shores by now.

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日英両語記はねぇ/Why in both J&E?


Entries are also written in Japanese for my Japanese friends. It may be a bit annoying, but please bare this for them : )

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こんな感じ/What about this?

Big Pine Creek_ss
サウス・フォーク・ビッグ・パイン・クリーク/South Fork Big Pine Creek, Big Pine,CA-3/08




Lao Tzu says, in my loose summary, “Nature balances itself by applying its excess to where it lacks.” Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Emerson appear to find similar rules after some two thousand years later. What they found are; balance, harmony, duality, light and shadow, Yin-Yang. Do I see such virtues of the nature well enough? Not sure.

Balance and Harmony, I realize they are extremely important virtues in relationship with Nature and mankind, in fact since my childhood days. Witnessing my adored mountain streams and surroundings being altered into something pitiful had strong effects to have me develop such feelings, I think. You know, I’ve never had “my grand pa’s firm” to appreciate such modern progresses (or changes) after all. I wonder how much I have paid my effort to exclaim importance of these virtues; how much I have contributed myself to help ourselves establishing the relationship. Not sure.

Anyhow, this entry is a bit too serious to this point. Let me switch the tone : ) I’d like to write up anything stimulates my attention, thoughts and consciousness, casually, and sometimes – perhaps a bit more aggressively? I'm gonna have fun : )

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野茂引退/Nomo Retires


Nomo announced his retirement. I sincerely wished to see him on the mound one more time. I saw him twice pitching in the Dodger Stadium and witnessed him hitting a home run during a game in 1996. Thank you for providing me a pride, topics and excitements. May happiness fill your new days.

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This was from this past May, too. Grunions sneak up on the beach in the night of the day of the spring tied for spawning. The first groups to land are males. They are close to the family of sardines.
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This happened in late May. I felt someone's eyes on me when I was going up outside stairs to my home. Wow! An opossum baby was watching me! It was cute unlike the adult : ). It was about the size of my fist.
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On TV, Pres. Bush is making a speech on the issue of lifting off-shore oil drilling. During the usual post-speech Q&A, his tongue is smooth on Oil and War related matters, yet he staggers on economy, mainly focused around that bankrupted local bank, and justice matters. Well....., like "Busch," I wish someone takes over control of this administration even if it's automatically ending soon.....

Original Entry: 7/15/08

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グローバル?物差しは?/Globalize? What is your scale?


Our bread-and-butter franchise was going to be available on multi-platforms. "Global entity" is the phrase we hear a lot in the past several years. I wonder if they are truly attempting to measure ourselves in scales other than Japanese Su-n・Sha-ku. Worry me.

Original Entry: 7/14/08

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I'd like to express my sincere appreciation to "TETSU-WAN TARO" for triggering me to start this Blog.
URL:Iwanano Me
Iwanano Me

Original Entry: 7/12/08


Added Japanese for other friends!

GO!! Dodgers!!!

LAドジャースカゴブス3タテ!!! くろだぁ~、がんばったぞ、いい仕事だ!!!

Yeah! The Dodgers sweeps the Cubs! Kuroda, Good Job!!!(sorry Jim)

Orginal Entry: 10-5-08

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ゴールデン・トラウト予告編/Calif. GT Preview

Often listed as the No.1 elusive trout.

本編はこちら/Click for the Article

Originlly posted on 7/25/08

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