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幅広で緩やかなカーブのU字谷は氷河地形/Wide&gently curved U-shaped valleys are signs of glaciation.


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There are about 14 named glaciers in middle to south ranges of the Sierra Nevada, regions known for high altitude. They are usually located on the north/north-east slopes and are flowing from cirques situated right below peaks higher than 13,000ft. The Palisade Glaciers, the largest of all, are, however, only 0.8 miles long and 0.5 miles wide. It’s very small as compared to mountain glaciers of Euro-Alps, Alaska, Himalaya and Patagonia. These sierra-glaciers are also shrinking like Arctic ice-fields and Antarctic glaciers. Some 80% shrinkage in volume in a drastic case has been observed in the past 130 years of the recorded period. Few had completely disappeared in the past 50 years, like the Mt. Whitney Glacier.

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The Norman Clyde and the Palisade glaciers are the largest and farthest origins of the Big Pine Creek (BPC). If these two glaciers dissipate, the projected impacts will affect entire ecosystems of the valley; it will not be simple like less flows and higher water temperature in the summer. The impacts will be accelerated by geographical changes from frequent winter floods due to rain instead of snow, an effect from the Global Warming. I hope the view of the snow-covered BPC valley posted on the original entry is not much changed for those visit there 130 years from now.....


It appears to be less known fact to us as it is not exposed by the media often. Even without human activities, earth atmosphere has been in warming trend for the past 18,000 years, since near the end of the last ice age, more recently for about 150 years, since the end of an era know as “little ice age.” Some claims that activities by mankind, such as releasing hot-house gases, reducing bio-mass of plants from destroying forests and polluting seas, has been compounded progress of this warming tread much, much more than what we think we know. I think our society and government should raise awareness for importance of protecting and expanding plant lives which extract CO2 in the air, just at the same level as we have been focusing on limiting the release of CO2 gases. You know, “That Day,” the day we all will regret, might be just around the corner and be suddenly here.

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